Mr. Holland's Opus - "The bus stops at King's Drugstore, tomorrow night."

Mr. Holland's Opus - "The bus stops at King's Drugstore, tomorrow night."





Mr. Holland.

How was I?  The truth.


- You were great.


I owe it all to you.


- [Chuckling] No. Nope. I just accompanied you.


Mr. Holland, I'm doing what you said.

 I'm going to New York. I'm gonna be a singer.


- You know, someday, we're all gonna say that we knew you when.


No, you don't understand. I'm going tomorrow.


- What?


There's a party at Miss Olmstead's after we close the play. I'll be there to sort of say good-bye to my friends. They don't know... but the bus leaves from downtown at midnight; I'll be on it.


- Rowena. [Sighs] Oh, Rowena.

- You know, when I said that you should go to New York, I didn't mean right away. You have so much time.


If I wait, I'll never do it. I'll end up waiting tables or working in some store. It has to be now. 

You could come with me. 

I know you think I'm just a kid.

I know you're married and you have a son.


- Rowena.


I know. Don't you see? You could be writing great music.

The bus stops at King's Drugstore, tomorrow night.


- Listen, uh, some of the kids are having a party, and I really should make an appearance.

- Do you wanna come?


Um, I should get Cole home.


- Okay, okay. Well, I'm not gonna be late. All right?


You pack light.


- You got a place to stay?


Y. W. C. A.


- That's the name of a guy that I used to play in a band with. I've already called him.

- He and his wife are expecting you.


This isn't the way I imagined it.


- But it's the best way.


[Bus Approaching] 

- Good-bye, Rowena.


[Exhales]  [Sighs]

- I love you.


I know. 




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